The NDA offers training in BSL and in Hearing Loss Awareness (HLAT).

British Sign Language

The NDA offers Introduction to BSL and Level 1 BSL courses run by qualified BSL teachers. The introductory course is a 10 week course that gives you the opportunity to learn some BSL and provides a taster for the Level 1 course. You will learn, among other things, finger spelling, numbers, how to greet someone and introduce yourself. It will give you the confidence to go on to Level 1.

The Level 1 course provides you with a Signature accredited BSL Level 1 qualification. It is a 30 week course plus 3 weeks when you will take the 101, 102, and 103 exams.

Hearing Loss Awareness Training

Hearing Loss Awareness Training increases the understanding of the challenges faced by people with all degrees of hearing loss in the workplace and in social settings. In Norfolk, over 125,000 people have some form of hearing loss. Their difficulty in hearing may not always be evident to those they meet, but may have severe impacts upon their ability to access work, education and socialize, leading to isolation and poor emotional wellbeing.

The NDA offers high-quality training based on the latest research to help organisations and individuals understand the impacts of hearing loss. Through presentations and interaction with our experienced trainer, participants learn simple ways to make communication easier for those with hearing difficulties. In addition, the sessions give an introduction to some of the hearing technology and supplementary listening technology available to people with hearing loss.

Training can be delivered at your own venue or at our accessible training room. We will be running training sessions for individuals at the NDA offices at a cost cost £25 per person including tea coffee and all materials.